2019’s Biggest Cyber Threats to Business


A recent report from leading global professional services firm Aon reveals 2019’s biggest cyber threats to business.

From the early threat of data breaches to attacks on internet of things (IoT) devices, the cyber threat continues to evolve at pace. In Aon’s latest 2019 Cyber Security Risk Report, the scope of the threat to enterprises over the world is laid bare.

Detailing eight areas of vulnerability including digital transformation, supply chain, employee negligence, business operations, and growing cyber regulation, the report finds that the “scale of attacks is expanding and the impact is intensifying”.

Despite the challenges, it’s a threat that can be managed, concludes Aon’s 2019 Cyber Security Risk Report, provided organisations stay informed, understand their risk profile and be proactive.

In addition, businesses should share threat intelligence, help to root out bad actors before they cause damage and, above all, prepare themselves to deal with a cyber attack.

We found the report an interesting read and invite you to take a look too.

Download a copy of Aon’s 2019 Cyber Security Risk Report here.

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