Minden Group helps the prevention of wildlife crime


On Thursday 25th April Minden Risk Solutions will be supporting Veterans for Wildlife at their annual gala fundraiser.  

We have proudly sponsored five veterans for this event, all whom recently undertook the Footprints of Hope project in South Africa.  

Veterans for Wildlife is an international charity committed to the protection of wildlife and the world’s critically endangered species.

The Issue of Wildlife Crime

The illegal trade in wildlife, which includes endangered species, illegal logging and fishing, is now the fourth largest criminal enterprise globally following drug smuggling, human trafficking and counterfeiting. According to a joint United Nations Environment-Interpol report, the illegal trade in wildlife is 26% higher than previously estimated, worth as much as $23 billion per year.

Veterans for Wildlife’s 5-year strategic plan is centred on empowering veterans from around the globe and preventing wildlife crime, predominantly across Southern Africa. Indeed, South Africa alone is home to approximately 93% of the world’s white rhino and 40% of its black rhino. 

Tackling illegal wildlife trade remains an urgent global issue. It contributes to dramatic declines in the populations of many protected species, found across all continents, from elephants, rhinos, grey parrots and pangolins to sturgeon and rosewood, as well as increasing the number of endangered species. Demand for illegal flora and fauna products spans multiple species and market drivers, and these pressures on wildlife populations are additional to, but not limited to, other forces such as increasing human populations, change of land-use, pollution and changing environmental conditions. The illegal wildlife trade is often a highly organised, sophisticated criminal activity that is taking place on an industrial scale.

It is also a significant threat to national and regional security, resulting in cross-border incursions with networks that support it often being the same as those that enable money-laundering, weapons, drugs and human trafficking including modern slavery.

The illegal trade in wildlife is severely impacting many species that are already threatened with extinction, as well as pushing other species into the endangered category. It fuels corruption which creates insecurity and undermines the rule of law, hampering opportunities for economic growth. Sustainable management of natural resources can contribute to the conservation of vital habitat and maintain the integrity of ecosystems, while engaging local communities, generating decent jobs and serving to combat the illegal wildlife trade.

How Veterans for Wildlife Helps

By deploying highly-skilled and experienced former service personnel, Veterans for Wildlife aims to play a critical role in conservation and the ongoing prevention of wildlife crime. 

Click here for more information on this inspirational project.

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